A look at AnCnoc Blas, a limited edition collaboration between AnCnoc and fashion designer Patrick Grant.


The Rev Christopher I. Thoma from nominates his Desert Island Dram.


Revisiting a couple of older Glenfiddichs, The 18 and the 21 year olds.


A brief look at The Singleton 18 year old.


Maltman Mike has chosen a familiar favourite for his Desert Island Dram.


Ive been doing a few sample swaps recently and this was one of the recent arrivals.  Its not often you try a whisky that was distilled before you were born so I’ve been holding onto this one for a while until I could sit back and take my time over it.  After all, old age […]


I’ve always loved mythology. As a boy I read and re-read countless stories of heros slaying otherworldly creatures and embarking on seemingly impossible quests. As an adult I grew to love the Ray Harryhausen films such as The 7th voyage of Sinbad and Jason and The Argonauts. This brings us nicely to Exile Casks first release, […]


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