Head to Head – Two of Berry Brothers Own

Berrys Own Selection 16yo Clynelish vs Berrys Own Selection 18yo Caperdonich



Clynelish is fast becoming one of my favourite malts so I was hoping that this didn’t disappoint. The nose offers no real hints as to its palate, with only slight spice and minimal smoke. Palate opens up to honeycomb and spice with the classic Clynelish salted tang and a slight amount of lemon pepper. Subtle, with a character typical of this distillery.



This was my first Caperdonich and have always heard other drammers speak highly of it. Very light and floral on the nose which hints at a gentle sweetness. On the palate there are no surprises, no surprises at all. It is a lovely, fresh and floral dram which goes down smoothly and will suit most people. A very refined and smooth dram but rather undistinct.

One comment

  1. […] particular bottling was my first EVER review on the website and to this day is my favourite independent bottling from the distillery. Sadly its […]

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