To Cigar or not to Cigar? 

Im not a smoker. Never have been and never will. Recently had my first proper cigar and I’m not sure if I enjoyed it or not. Let me explain.

Did I enjoy the experience? 

Yeah, I did. 

Did I enjoy the cigar? 


 It’s one of those things whereby the experience is potentially better than the reality. It felt pretty good to be chilling with a Cuban cigar after a good days dramming in Edinburgh. 

Unfortunately due to Scotland’s smoking legislation we had to smoke outside and couldn’t take our drink with us so I couldn’t pair it with a dram (not that the day had been short of drams)

It didn’t make me feel ill and nor did I turn green. After many drams my sense of taste may not have been as acute as usual anyway.

I recently received some Cubans as a present from my whisky wingman (also now my cigar wingman as it turns out) quite when or where I will smoke them I don’t know but I’m looking forward to the experience. 

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