Rumming around with Mike

Sunday afternoon and its a good day for having a go at a few rum samples I was fortunate to have been given.  Mike is an all round top gent and an an experience rum drinker so who better to rum around with…




Matheusalem Gran Reserva

Sweet creamy toffee on the nose leading to a taste of vanilla pods, creamy toffee or maybe fudge. Nicely balanced between the warming alcohol and the sweet aftertaste.

Santiago de Cuba 12

Concentrated sugar syrup on the nose with a faint hint of over ripened bananas. Slightly spiky on the palate and not much sweetness to balance it. Vague taste of oranges. Feels quite raw and unbalanced.

El Ron Prohibido

Nose is very dark, vanilla raisins with natural brown sugar sweetness.  Slight initial burn with a big mouthfeel. Strong Oloroso sherry feel to this one with some vanilla sweetness on the finish.

One comment

  1. Michael · ·

    A visit to my humble abode by the amateur drammer is always a welcome one, more so this time as he brought my spirt of choice; that being rum. The drammer has said pretty much all that needs said about the three small measures of sugars greatest bi product. All I want to chip in is that the Matheusalem Gran Reserva is a Cuban bottle that I will certainly be buying, I enjoyed everything about it from the nose to the afterburn. Off to listen to Bena vista social club in my 1960’s beetle!!!!! Areeeebaaaaa!!!

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