Tobermory 15 y.o Sherry Cask

 Tobermory 15y.o sherry cask


Oloroso influence is prominent on the nose, specifically orange peels and citrus note along with a light smoke.

The palate is well balanced with citrus peels, raisins, and just enough spice on the finish. Oak influence is prominent throughout.

Long finish, buttered spice. Well balanced. 
I tried this whilst visiting the distillery and I must admit that its one of my favourite drams that I have tried so far this year.

It also comes in a fancy box. Which is always nice. 

To buy this bottle (or a sample) click here.



  1. […] A nice distillery to visit and they take their time introducing the samples at the end, rather than just giving you a quick dram and pointing you towards the gift shop.  I even managed to get a taste of the Tobermory 15 y.o sherry finish which is a superb dram. Tasting notes can be found here. […]

  2. AmateurDrammer · ·

    You love it…

  3. Michael · ·

    Thanks for the story on the Tobermory, I really wanted to know. (Forgive me).

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