Robert Burns Blend and The Bank Note

Continuing the cupboard clearance of some of the miniatures I’ve built up, here’s another two randoms and another guest appearance for the Hurricaine.


Robert Burns Blended Scotch Whisky (Isle of Arran Distillers) NAS 40% abv

Light on the nose with initial whte peach and slight nuttiness, no offensive aromas. Dry, malty and light on the palate turning into vague honey and pineapple jam. Warm finish with a little pepper. Surprisingly drinkable.

In fact this is the official blended scotch of the Robert Burns Federation. Jings! 

To buy this bottle (or a sample) click here

The Bank Note (AD Rattray) 5 y.o 43% abv

Light, perfumed nose hint of oak and cereal. A little burn within the mouth with a spice and sherbert sweetness mix. Quite unbalanced but surprisingly smooth and short finish. Addition of water does nothing other than elimate all but the strongest of the flavours, doesnt swim well. 

To buy this bottle (or a sample) click here.

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