Ardmore Traditional Cask

 Yes, thats a seaplane.

And yes, thats the Ardmore Traditional Cask, no age statement, 46% abv, non chill filtered.

Sweet and peaty on the nose, leading to a slightly agressive palate with big mouthfeel, cereal notes. Smoke and peat linger forcefully throughout until a slightly spiky, salted barley sugar finish.

Considering the price point there is a lot going on here, and for the money I shouldnt grumble.  It is a young whisky, although brought on by the quater cask finish to enhance the flavours and speed maturation.

Maybe not one for the ‘peat purists’ amongst us but worth sampling. In my mind this is more of a Highland style malt enhanced with peat, rather than an Islay peat monster. 

There also seem to be quite a large amount of independant Ardmore bottlings which I will need to explore.  I do have a bottle of the Ardmore Legacy, which I will post notes on soon. Probably do a head to head tasting with this  one.

Ardmore Traditional Cask can be purchased on Master of Malt HERE


  1. […] Several weeks ago I was part of a Twitter tasting panel which looked at 4 different expressions of Ardmore.  I was a big fan of the Ardmore Traditional so was saddened to see it discontinued. You can catch up with my thoughts on this whisky here. […]

  2. AmateurDrammer · ·

    Thanks Nick! Very much enjoy your waffle!

  3. The Ardmore ain’t a bad drop – I like how it is different to the coastal peated whiskies. As you say, much more of a highland peat. Which is nice once in a while.
    Keep on waffling,

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