Glenfiddich Tasting, Dundee.

After a chance Twitter conversation I found myself at a Glenfiddich event last week hosted by Mark Thomson, UK brand ambassador.

Shamfully Ive always overlooked Glenfiddich both as a brand and as individual whiskies, so it was a great opportunity to find out a little more.

We started off by trying the Glenfiddich 12, then the 18 and finally the 15.  A strange order it seems but after tasting them makes perfect sense.  The 12 and 18 are much lighter on the palate compared to the big taste of the 15.

 I was massivly (and pleasantly) surprised by the 15. Its a big tasting whisky but remains remarkably balanced, smooth and at this price point its great value for money (not something often talked about when it comes to single malts)

During the night we also had the chance to taste the three whiskies that make up the 15.  All cask strength and quite distictinctive in their own right.  As a sherried whisky fan I was eager to try the oloroso cask finished Glenfiddich. By this point I was just enjoying rather than nosing and noting but I was in no way disappointed.  The heavy and dominant sherry finish however definately overshadows the Glenfiddich style that is prevalant throught their range.  The bourbon wood finish was pleasant but unremarkable and the new wood finish I found to be quite woody and astringent.  The sum of these parts add up to something quite special.

We rounded off the evening with a little blending competition, trying to recreate the 15 with our component whiskies.  Unfortunately I was close but not close enought, beaten on the night by another, worthy winner.

Last dram on the night was a 21 year old Gran Reserve rum finish which I really enjoyed, it was very interesting to see the way the Glenfiddich style and taste pervades and yet evolves throught the range.

Glenfiddich 12 y.o

Mildly floral yet sweet on the nose. Fruity notes and honey malt tones.  On the palate its light with pear or perhaps pineapple notes. Fades to a light, honeyed spice and oak aftertaste. 

Avaliable to purchase here.

Glenfiddich 15 y.o 

Nose is sherry influenced (but not overpowringly so) fruity hints with wood notes. The palate is very well balanced and retains the brands signature style with a fuitcake, rasin and light marmalade influence.  Finish is balanced and fades to subtle wood / oak notes. This for me was dram of the night and its always a great feeling when you feel you have “discovered” something new. 

Avaliable to purchase here.

Although we also tasted the 18 year old and the 21 year old Gran Reserve rum finish I’ll save the notes on those for another seperate review.  

All in all it was a very pleasant and educational evening.  Thanks to Glenfiddich for the hospitality, to Mark Thomson for hosting and to Hazel Lynch for organising it all.

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