Last night someone posted onto my Facebook page (found here) asking about Smokehead.

I had an open bottle so decided to have a fresh look at it.  

On the nose its typical Islay, smoky and briney but with a slightly damp feeling to the smoke, almost like wet grass.  It has a big mouthfeel, initially smokey but fading to white ash with a tangy sweetness (almost fruity) and a slight tannin type aftertaste.  The finish is a lingering smoke and leaves an oily feel in the mouth.

Its perhaps not as balanced or smooth as an older Caol Ila (a good example here) or as deep and rich as a Lagavulin or Bowmore but it is likeable enough.  Its probably going to divide opinions but its probably best not to sit and analyse it too much. If you like a dram that’s a little rough round the edges and not to frilly then this is for you.

It’s also a well designed bottle and the tin comes with an embossed skull on it. What more do you want?

Its avaliable to purchase here. They also do sample size bottles so its worth ordering one of these if you are unsure.

As an alternative I quite like the ‘Six Isles’ blended malt, also from Ian Mcleod. Its of a similar character and nature in that its likeability outweighs any flaws. You can purchases The Six Isles (or a sample) here.

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