Monthly Archives: August 2015

Ballantines 17 Blended Scotch Whisky

Until I started researching this dram I hadn’t realised that it was voted Jim Murrays ‘Scotch blend of the year’ in 2010. High praise indeed.  Originally blended in 1827 it is apparently a blend of up to 50 other whiskies, including Scapa and Miltonduff.    The nose is floral and intensly sweet with vanilla hints […]

The Old Perth Blended Scotch Whisky

Perth is a city with a grand history when it comes to blended whiskies. Dewars, Bells and Grouse are three of the biggest. Old Perth Scotch Whisky was originally created in the early 1900s in Perth by the Thomson family.  The late 1970s saw the brand disappear but it has been brought back to life […]

Desert Island Drams – Fredrick Andersson

This weeks Desert Island Dram nominee comes from Sweden, if you’ve not already visited Fredde’s blog then you are missing out.  He’s reviewed some great whiskies and I’d very much recommend checking it out.  Fredde was one of the first bloggers I made contact with and has a genuine passion for whisky. It’s hard to […]

Peat Smoke and Spirt

New book added to the collection, anyone else read it?  Will post my thoughts once I’ve had a proper chance to look through it, but it looks great.   

The Hibiki 12 Blended Whisky.

I have previously written an article about The 5 best Whiskies In The World (found here) in which I explained my love for the Hibiki 12.  Firstly, look at the bottle, its so well designed, looks beautiful.    The description on the label is almost poetic. Hibiki to the Japanese represents harmony, and so the name […]

Desert Island Drams – The Whisky Lady

I caught up with prominent whisky blogger ‘The Whisky Lady’ and asked her what her ideal ‘Desert Island Dram’ would be. I must admit I wasnt expecting this response…    “If I had to stay on a desert island, I’d rather drink water to stay alive… I would therefore choose a whisky with a smell […]