The Hibiki 12 Blended Whisky.

I have previously written an article about The 5 best Whiskies In The World (found here) in which I explained my love for the Hibiki 12. 

Firstly, look at the bottle, its so well designed, looks beautiful.

The description on the label is almost poetic.

Hibiki to the Japanese represents harmony, and so the name symbolises this unique marriage of malts and harmonious blend from Japan. The sweet floral aroma of the hand selected matured malts combines with a natural wood essence to create a truly distinctive whisky with a full bodied taste.

The 24 faces of the bottle symbolise the ancient tradition of Sekki, the age old Japanese calendar and followed for centuries, it represents the 24 seasons. Front labelling is made from the hand crafted Japanese paper, Washi.

The Blend includes malt whiskies from the Yamazaki and Hakushu distilleries as well as grain whisky from the Chita distillery. Components are also aged in barrels previously used to mature a Japanese plum liqueur. 

Hibiki 12 y.o Japanese Blended Whisky 43% (Suntory Whisky)

On the nose its sweet with notes of green apple and pineapple, almost a jam or orange marmalade. The palate is well balanced, sweet and smooth with plum, white peach and slight vanilla tones. The finish is lingering but not detrimentally so, the balanced delivery continues to leave a very pleasant aftertaste of light mellow spice and some oak notes.

With the addition of a small amount of water the flavours REALLY burst out.

Sadly this expression is in line to be replaced with a much younger non age statement blend called ‘Japanese Harmony’ I’ve not had the opportunity to try this yet but the 12 will be a really hard act to follow. Its avaliable here, although it is limited to one per customer so get one whilst you still can. 


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