The Old Perth Blended Scotch Whisky

Perth is a city with a grand history when it comes to blended whiskies. Dewars, Bells and Grouse are three of the biggest.
Old Perth Scotch Whisky was originally created in the early 1900s in Perth by the Thomson family.  The late 1970s saw the brand disappear but it has been brought back to life as a blended malt by Morrison & MacKay. The brand is the only whisky now blended in Perthshire.


I’m really not concerned about the stigma of drinking blended whiskies, many drinkers look down upon them, but thats somewhat unfair. I think when it comes to whisky that you like whatever you happen to like. When it comes to putting your money down then its your choice entirely.  What I, and many other drinkers are looking for at this price point and with this style is value for money and bang for your buck.
Two great blends that instantly come to mind are The Hibiki 12 and The Bailie Nicol Jarvie. Since the recent and unfortunate demise of the BNJ it just so happens I’m in the market for a new Scottish blend.  
Step forward a contender….
Old Perth Blended Scotch Whisky, 43% abv, Morrison and MacKay Whiskies.


On the nose there are green fruits, cereal notes and the faintest, faintest brine tang. On the palate it is mildly prickly initially but soon fades to bannana and vanilla with a mild pepperiness and some woody notes. The finish is quite short but smooth enough, turns from sweet to a little savoury with a mild spiciness.

Wasn’t expecting a lot from this but was very surprised. Its got quite a big mouthfeel for a 43% abv and despite quite a short finish its pleasant enough to sit and sip. Adding water seems to dilute it rather than open it up so best left as it is.

Unlike many other blends its comprised of 100% single malts with no grain whisky added to bulk it out. The base malt is Aultmore, which is mixed with 5 others to make the final product (I’m still trying to guess the rest before I find out exactly what they are)

Its a good quality, surprisingly drinkable 100% single malt blended whisky for under £30 a bottle. I think for that price you really shouldn’t be complaining. 

Old Perth can be purchased from Morrison and McKays online store here.

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