Ballantines 17 Blended Scotch Whisky

Until I started researching this dram I hadn’t realised that it was voted Jim Murrays ‘Scotch blend of the year’ in 2010. High praise indeed.  Originally blended in 1827 it is apparently a blend of up to 50 other whiskies, including Scapa and Miltonduff.

The nose is floral and intensly sweet with vanilla hints and green fruits. On the palate there is big vanilla, sweet cereal and honey. There is definately quite a thick and viscous feel to this whisky and the finish is, again, very sweet and honey influenced with a slight sharpness, perhaps more of a tang, on the finish, reminds me vaguely of sherbert lemons.

This whisky feels ‘big’ but is quite smooth and the finish is not quite as powerful as you would imagine.  Its well balanced and will suit most palates, however doesnt have a great deal of complexity some drinkers are looking for. This will be, until it runs out, my go to ‘Dinner Party Whisky’

Its also the only bottle in my collection with a screw top, rather than a cork.

Buy this whisky on Master of Malt by following this link.


  1. AmateurDrammer · ·

    Everyday is a school day!

  2. All these years I assumed Ballantine’s whisky was Irish…embarrassing.

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