Auchroisk 1999 15 y.o Port Finish – Carn Mor Whiskies

You may remember a while ago I had the good fortune to be shown around the warehouse and bottling operations at private bottlers Morrison and McKay (article found here)

A thoroughly pleasant and interesting afternoon having a look around, chatting to the staff and, of course, sampling some very interesting whiskies.

The first review was for their Old Perth Blended Scotch Whisky which was a new one for me and a very pleasant surprise. 

Next in line is the Auchroisk 15 y.o Port Finish.  Bottled in 2015 at 46%.



The nose is sweet with notes of peach stones or fruity wood.  On the palate there is almost some smoke before the initial green fruitiness gives way to cereal and malt notes with a slight prickliness which drys the mouth, almost like a dry wine or a sherry. The finish is initially quite short but returns to leave notes of wood, allspice and nutmeg.  

Initially I wasnt very keen on this, it just didnt seem to be balanced.  I left the glass to sit for a few minutes , paused for thought and added a few drops of water.  

Before the water this whisky was mostly nose rather than palate, afterwards however, the nose fades but the mouthfeel is much better, opening right out and becoming much smoother and fruitier and removing almost completely the prickly spirt taste. The finish is still spicy but even more pleasantly so with a smooth wood note.

The more I drink this the better it gets.  The initial astringency now almost gone completely. Usually when I’m sampling and noting I only have one. No shame in admitting that I went back for a second, just to be sure.

Sometimes its nice to have to work at a whisky a little bit.

The Auchroisk 15 y.o Port Finish can be bought directly from Morrison and MacKay via their online shop or from Master of Malt by following this link.

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