Desert Island Drams – Chris Hoban from The Edinburgh Whisky Blog 

I met Chris at The Whisky Stramash in Edinburgh last year. I had the pleasure of attending a tasting there organised by The Edinburgh Whisky Blog. Afterwards we had a dram or two and he convinced me it would be a good idea to start a blog.  Basically, The Amateur Drammer is all his fault…

When I first saw the Amateur Drammer tweeting about a “desert island dram” I couldn’t help but think of rum.

My interest in alcohol began in American whisky, then Scotch, and now I am interested in all the different libations of the world, including rum.

For me, rum can be as complex as whisky, with the same level of flavour. But I think there is something inherently summery about it, perhaps just because of where it is made. I would hope I would be stranded on a sunny desert island! I also find rum is better for creating tropical cocktails, which will be handy with all the coconuts and pineapples on my island.

Chris Hoban. Fruitier than you might think…

For rum, I would be thinking Doorly’s XO from Barbados, or El Dorado 8 from Guyana. While both have a level of complexity, they have an easier drinking finish than I find with Scotch whisky. The danger is I would need crates and crates, depending on how long I was trapped on the island. Although both are made from molasses, they are made quite differently, using some properly interesting distilling equipment. I would encourage you to take a look into them.If my only choice was Scotch whisky, I would either pick something from Glenlivet (Glenlivet 15 or Bourbon Nadurra) or Edinburgh Whisky Blog Boutiquey Whisky Glen Keith (each batch has had delightful fruitiness). My whisky in the sun has to be something fruity, and easy drinking, hence these choices.

So since I have managed to pick many potential desert island drams, I reckon I should finish with one of the best jokes from the Edinburgh Fringe this year: “‘If I could take just one thing to a desert island I probably wouldn’t go.’ – Dave Green

Chris writes for the fantastic Edinburgh Whisky Blog and his twitter account can be found here.

You can follow along with the Desert Island Drams Debate on Twitter by using #desertislanddrams

If you wish to nominate, contribute or make a suggestion then please get in touch.

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