Ben Nevis 16 y.o Fino Sherry Finish – Carn Mor Strictly Limited Range.

I’ve reviewed a few of the Carn Mor range from Morrison and MacKay Whisky.  They seem to have sourced themselves some very interesting casks. I’ve had the privilege to look around their warehouse and there are a few hidden wonders locked away in there (see here for my original article)

This 16 year old Fino sherry matured single malt from Ben Nevis distillery is no exception.  I’ve never tried a Fino cask matured whisky before so I have been saving this one for a time I could properly appreciate it and give it some time.

Ben Nevis 16 y.o (Fino sherry cask) Carn Mor Strictly Limited. 46% abv (available here)


This whisky is one of only 733 bottles.

The colour is a very, very pale straw colour. On the nose its initially quite green with elements of wood, peach and nectarine with a slightly dry and sharp undertone.  The palate is surprisingly sweet with a taste reminiscent of white grapes, vanilla and is ever so mildly acidic. Similar in a way to a dry white wine. The finish is quite long but not complex, leaving green cereal notes and a sharp fruit flavour.

Water brings out more fruit from the palate and nose but the dryness remains.  This is one whisky where the nose and palate are noticeably different to each other.

I really didn’t know what to expect when it came to this dram but I found myself really enjoying it.  Because it is delicate and dry I would say that it might not suit everybody and depending on what else you had been drinking or eating previously it might really change the palate.

Side note: I went back to this whisky several days after trying it just to get a second opinion and I stand by my initial notes, its a cracker.

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