Wemyss Malts Twitter Tasting – Part 2 of 4

Previously I had looked at the Wemyss Malts new expression (not technically new, but a NAS version of their previous aged versions) of ‘The Hive’ which was tasted as part of a live ‘Twitter Tasting’ last week.

 Tonight I’m going to look at another new whisky in their range, The Spice King.

Weymss Malts The Spice King 46% abv (available here)

The nose has hints of brine, antiseptic and citrus pepper. On the palate it feels quite meaty, like a brine soaked ham glazed in Demerara sugar before being grilled. Its got a wisp of peat that doesn’t cover up any other of the flavours, it sharpens them. The finish is quite short but leaves time for you to appreciate the way the flavours change from one to another. The finish leaves a lovely ginger note amidst a slightly oily feel.  My guess? I’m assuming that there is definitely a touch of Laphraoig in here, which is brought out even further by adding a splash of water.

For more information on Wemyss Malts you can have a look at their website here.

Last nights notes on Wemyss Malts ‘The Hive’ can be found here.

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