Nice looking new product of the week – The Smugglers Series Vol 1 – The Illicit Stills

Its hard to find a nicer looking new product this week than The Smugglers Series – Vol1 ‘The Illicit Stills’ from Arran Distillery.

Produced as a tribute to the history of illicit distillation on the Isle of Arran in a style reminiscent of those early days, this is released in a limited run of 8700 bottles at a natural cask strength of 56.4% abv, is non chill fitered and contains no colouring.

The whisky itself is a blend of un-peated and heavily peated malts as well as some fully matured in port pipes.

Tasting notes on this will follow in the next week or so.


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  2. Ben Oakley · ·

    I like the presentation of the bottle hidden in the pages of the book and the whole theme of The Illicit Stills. Looking forward to the review 🙂

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