Desert Island Drams – Sandy Jamieson of Spey Distillery

Sandy is the manager at the Spey Distillery that I visited last month. You can re-read the article here.

During my tour he was kind enough to agree to nominate a Desert Island Dram.

 I am not going to pick one of our expressions of Spey, as I have been so closely involved with them, and love them all, it would be like asking a father if he had a favourite child!

Therefore I am going to go for the Ardbeg 10 (available here).

AROMA- Intensely peaty, smoky, and a hint of pear drops, with a tang of the sea. Add some water and it develops into subtle notes of freshly cut cedar wood, with a hint of spiceness.

TASTE- Peaty, slightly salty, rich Dundee cake, fruity

FINISH- Lovely and long, nutty, fresh lemons.

For me this is one of the most well balanced whiskies in the world, definitely in the top ten. If I was stranded on a desert island I would want 6 cases washed up with me.

I will be posting notes on The Spey 12 this coming weekend.

Follow along the Desert Island Drams debate on Twitter by using the hashtag #desertislandrams


  1. […] I’ve reviewed a few releases from Spey Distillery before, in fact I was lucky enough to have a private tour of the distillery with manager (and whisky legend) Sandy Jamieson last year. You can also catch up with Sandys Desert Island Dram nomination here. […]

  2. Ben Oakley · ·

    My first 10 have or will be those that review well and then I’m going to go off on my own and try what comes my way. I’m sticking with single malt scotch though until I bump into something I can’t ignore 🙂

  3. AmateurDrammer · ·

    Glad you are enjoying your whisky journey, it’s good to know you are trying more. All I would say is don’t get caught up in liking what others think you should like, it’s all individual taste!

  4. Ben Oakley · ·

    I just tried my first Ardbeg 10 and reviewed it in my blog. Such a difference to the other single malts I have tried and that includes the only other Islay malt in my repertoire – the Bunnahabhain 12.

    It’s a definite winner for me though and one I’m thoroughly enjoying 🙂

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