The Spey 12

I enjoyed a very pleasant visit to The Speyside Distillery last month (see my thoughts here) and was lucky enough to get to taste several of their expressions in the company of distillery manager Sandy Jamieson who expertly (and generously) guided me through them.

Here are my notes and thoughts on their very well presented Spey 12.

The Spey 12 40% abv. Bottle no 02-3753/8000 (available here)

This is The Speyside Distillery 12 year old expression. It is matured in American ex-bourbon barrels before being finished in reconditioned new oak casks. There is no colouring added to this.

The nose is quite faint, light sweetness followed by waves of vanilla and faint wood notes. The palate is light with big vanilla notes, slight traces of honey and toffee as well as light spice and faint raisins.  The finish is quite short, with the sweet vanilla fading to leave traces of spice and wood notes.

Overall this is a nice, easy drinking smooth whisky. The finish in the reconditioned oak casks give it a definite vanilla kick, although it is not as astringent as some other new oak finished whiskies I have tried.  This is one to enjoy at any time of the day.

Its definitely not one for those who seek a ‘challenging’ dram, or for those who seek one with a bit of a kick. At 40% and quite smooth (I would even say inoffensive but this isn’t meant to be a criticism) its definitely in the ‘easy drinker’ category.

Its just one to pour and enjoy.

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