Review – Littlemill 25 Private Cellar Edition

The Littlemill distillery was located on the banks of the River Clyde near Glasgow from 1772 and stood until it was dismantled in 1997 and thereafter completely destroyed by fire in 2004. 

All that is left now are memories of a long lost distillery and the last few casks of Littlemill which are now being bottled as a very limited release and I am lucky enough to have a sample sitting here.

The casks used to create this expression were laid down in 1989 and 1990 in a mixture of American and European oak casks before being married together and finished in first fill Oloroso Sherry casks.

Littlemill 25 y.o Single Malt Whisky Private Cellar Edition 50.4% abv


The nose is understated but yet somehow powerful, sherry notes carry throughout. Underneath there are raisins with pineapple, candied papaya and bitter chocolate. Somewhere deep within are vanilla pods and a cigar humidor made of Cedar wood.

The palate is again sherried but the well crafted influence does not overpower. Tobacco and sharp citrus fruits are present along with a taste reminiscent of buttered raisin toast. 

The finish is long with soft notes of earl grey tea and leaves a pleasant dryness and a lingering mild spice.
Water opens up the fruitier and nuttier side of this whisky and mellows the experience somewhat. Personally I wouldn’t add much water, if any at all.  

This is an excellent dram, well cafted an perfectly balanced. I do love a sherried whisky and this is a particulatly good example with the sweet Oloroso enhancing and deepening the whisky rather than dominating.

Judging by the luxurious packaging and the fact this is a closed distillery then I’m not expecting this to be cheap.

It comes immaculately presented in a beautiful looking leather case, even containing a part of the stave from the barrel the whisky was matured in as well as a miniature so you can try the whisky without opening your bottle.

I’m sure this whisky will be snapped up and put on a shelf somewhere, which is a shame as it needs to be savoured and appreciated.

Thanks to Steve at The Whisky Wire for organising the #Littlemill Flashblog event, its been a genuine pleasure to taste a piece of history.

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