Arran – The Smugglers Series Vol 1

This weeks review will look at a new whisky from Arran, which I had previously featured as last weeks ‘nice looking new product of the week’ You can catch up with the article here and read a bit more about the background to this dram.

Arran Smugglers Series Vol 1 ‘The Illicit Stills’
On the nose there is quite a lot going on. Notes of dark fruits mix with alternating waves of peat and brine as well as a savoury tang I couldn’t quite place as well as a faint trace of bannanas and citrus pepper.

Big delivery on the palate. Peaty to start then the dark fruits come back along with peppered pineapple jam then green olives and feta. As time goes on the initial peat fades to lave a brine tang.
The finish is long and bold, the waves of flavour fade to leave a coastal tang and lingering spice alongside green fruits and some wood notes. The addition of water tempers the powerful nose, splitting the flavours and making them more individual and recognisable.
Bold with a big delivery, however tempered and balanced. There is a slight aggressive edge to this whisky but thats very much part of its character.
Im noting (and very much enjoying) this whisky on the day it came out and it seems it has already sold out almost everywhere. 
Thanks to the staff at Arran for the information and for supplying the sample.


  1. AmateurDrammer · ·

    Its a cracker right enough. Id hurry if I were you. Selling FAST!

  2. Nice review, you convinced me to buy a bottle 🙂

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