A quick review – Bowmore 18

The nose is powerful, sweet and smoky. Hints of caramel, damp wood and a faint citrus element.  The Palate is, again, smoky and briny with barbeque sauce, dark chocolate and burnt vanilla.  On the long finish we have fading smoke leading to allspice and then leaves white ash and a coastal tang.

Available here.


  1. […] I’ve never actually owned a bottle of Bowmore. I’ve tried several expressions, both original bottlings and independants, but I’ve never bought a bottle. Looking back I’m not sure why as I’ve never tried a bad Bowmore (if there is such a thing) The small batch release was a bit ‘meh’ but wasn’t entirely unlikeable, just perhaps a little unremarkable. I previously reviewed the Bowmore 18, which can be found here. […]

  2. AmateurDrammer · ·

    Look out for a few more of these quick fire reviews!

  3. Ben Oakley · ·

    The quickest review ever but nothing missed!

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