Desert Island Drams – Adam – The Whisky Pilgrim

This weeks Desert Island Dram nomination Comes from Adam ‘The Whisky Pilgrim’.

Adam has worked in the drinks industry for some time. He is mostly involved with wine but his true passion is whisky.

Several months ago he embarked on a ‘pilgrimage’ to visit every distillery in Britain and taste their entry level expression.  So far he has visited 27 distilleries and travelled over 3660 miles in the process (Further than New York to London) His blog is very much designed as an adventure and proof that anyone on any budget can have access to an enormous range of Single Malts.

My favourite overall distilleries (currently) are Highland Park and Springbank, but both being quite heavily influenced by sea air I think they’d just be a cruel reminder that I was stuck on a Desert Island in the middle of the sea!

So I’m going to go inland a bit and plump for the exceptional Balvenie Single Barrel Sherry Cask Aged 15 Years. (Last one I had was from cask 10137.)

I’m a sucker for a sherry matured whisky when the cask is as faultlessly unsulphured as Balvenie’s Single Barrels invariably are and all that rich Christmas Cake Fruit would, I’m sure, transport me (mentally anyway) away from my ocean predicament and back to the warmth and comfort of home!

You can keep track of Adams adventure at or on twitter @whiskypilgrim

After getting to know Adam whilst writing this article he has very kindly invited me to join him on one of his pilgrimages one day. Watch this space!

Get involved at the Desert Island Drams debate by using #DesertIslandDrams on twitter.

If you want to make a nomination or know someone you would like to nominate then please get in touch.


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