Desert Island Drams – Barry Bradford – The Whiskyphiles

Barry Bradford describes himself as a ‘Whiskyphile’

His blog is completely impartial and focuses on giving personal recommendations and opinions. It’s well worth checking out for some well written and honest reviews.

If I was stuck on a Desert Island with only 1 bottle of whisky I think it would have to be the great Mortlach 16 Years Old Flora and Fauna bottling. Sadly recently discontinued. This was one of the finest examples of whisky.

Meaty Mortlach from the legendary beast of Dufftown. Matured in sherry casks with a flavour for me which epitomises the scents and flavours of Christmas. I would like to feel like every day was Christmas day if I was stuck on a desert island.

I have to agree with Barry, The Mortlach 16 Flora and Fauna bottling was, and I suppose, still is one of my favourite drams.  I have a bottle tucked away in my cupboard  private reserve and I am just waiting for an excuse to open it. I’ve not yet tried any of the new Mortlach expressions, I guess I’m still to be convinced.

I’m planning on reviewing this beast of a whisky in the next week or so. It’s one of my first whisky loves so I’m looking forward to revisiting it. 

Barrys blog can be found at and you can find him on twitter here.

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