The Dalmore and Jura Masterclass, Balmoral Hotel, Edinburgh

When I saw that The Balmoral hotels whisky bar, Scotch @ The Balmoral, was running a Dalmore and Jura tasting evening I knew it would be worth the trip through.
I have been to Scotch before and its an amazing place for any whisky lover to vist. They have over 400 whiskies in stock and prices range form £5 to £500 so there is truly something to suit every budget and taste. The staff are excellent, attentive and knowledgable and the surroundings make for a very relaxing atmosphere. 


The Dalmore’s Adam Booth led us expertly and entertainingly through 6 expressions throught the evening. These were The Dalmore 15, The Dalmore Cigar Malt, The Dalmore King Alexander III, Jura Prophecy, Jura 16 and the Jura 21.


I had previously tried all bar the Jura 21 and it was great to work through a sequence of expressions which highlights not only the signature brand characteristics but  also the differences in each malt.

I had previously made the decision not to note the whiskies. Sometimes its just nice to sit, enjoy and appreciate a dram in comfortable surroundings and good company and not become overly analytical. 


Thanks again to Adam for his presentation and to the fantastic staff at the hotel for their (as always) excellent hospitality.
Scotch @ The Balmoral is at 1 Princes Street Edinburgh and is well worth a visit. 


  1. AmateurDrammer · ·

    Adam, sent you an email this morning. Hope you got it.

    Thanks again.

  2. Adam Booth · ·

    Thanks for coming along Andy, I’m glad you enjoyed the evening.

    Keep in touch!


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