Review- Glenfiddich go ‘Back To The Future’ with The Original

I’ve already written about my experience at the launch night for Glenfiddich’s new expression, ‘The Original’ but now its time to have a closer look at the whisky itself.

If you haven’t already seen my thoughts on the launch you can find the articles here and here.

Glenfiddich ‘The Original’ 40%abv (available here)

On the nose it is a little surprising. The first thing that stands out is a slight touch of peat leading to a grassy note.  Glenfiddichs signature light and fruity style then appears alongside a slightly dry woodiness.

The palate is very much like you would expect from the nose. The peat strikes first leading to a mix of pear, papaya and dry oak. There is a slight biscuity note here along with perhaps barley sugars coated in lemon pepper.

The finish is nicely extended by the peat, staying fruity with hints of orange peel and fades to quite a dry finish with a slight nuttiness.

Overall this was a great whisky to experience, but I’m not exactly sure what Glenfiddich aim to do with it. Perhaps it’s the start of an experimental era for Glenfiddich, trying to change the perception of an overlooked brand…

One comment

  1. Ben Oakley · ·

    A peaty Glenfiddich! This could be a future favourite if I get to have a taste 🙂

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