Teeling Whiskey – The Revival 15 #TeelingWhiskey

This was the whisky that we looked at during last nights Tweet Tasting which was, once again, superbly organised by Steve at The Whisky Wire.

This is a limited edition 15 year old single malt. It has been matured exclusively in rum casks and is bottled at 46% and as such has not been chill filtered. This is also my first review of a Whiskey (rather than a Whisky)

Teeling Whiskey ‘The Revival’


The nose feels very fresh and clean. There is an inherent sweetness but not overpoweringly so. Notes of pineapple, green apples and papaya are present along with a light toffee and perhaps some vanilla infused raisins. Given time a slight wood note appears, perhaps cedar? 

The palate is smooth and there is an initial note of green fruits and cereals giving way to a gentle spice then the vanilla returns along with some tea like tannins. Very well balanced indeed.

On the finish it is very smooth and long. Still sweet but gently warming with the mildest touch of spice.

This is very smooth and nicely balanced. This has been a pleasure to review as my first Irish Whiskey.

For such a light coloured whiskey there is a lot going on, especially on the nose. The rum influence is perfectly managed and at no point is it overpowering.

If you are looking for something a little different, perhaps for a special occasion or as part of a group to sit and analyse then this might be exactly what you are looking for.

At this price point there are some incredible whiskies available but this more than holds its own.

If you are just looking to try a rum finished whisky but not spend as much then look no further than The Balvenie Caribbean Cask. Perhaps not as deep in flavour or complexity as the Teeling (as it is rum finished rather than rum matured) but it is half the price.

Thanks again to Teeling Whiskey and to The Whisky Wire.

The next awesome Tweet Tasting is this Thursday, more details later.


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  1. […] only other rum casked whisky I have tried is Teeling’s The Revival which was fully matured in rum casks and was a very enjoyable dram […]

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