Eagle Rare 17 y.o

I’ve never tried a bourbon. Well, not a proper bourbon anyway.

My entire experience has more or less been based around Jack Daniels mixed with Coke.

Last week Buffalo Trace launched their Antique Collection of Bourbons. The limited numbers available and the high demand caused several retailers websites to simply crash.

To my surprise I won a sample sized bottle on Twitter thanks to Buffalo Trace UK.

So, here goes with my first bourbon review.

Buffalo Trace Eagle Rare 17 y.o, OB, 45% abv.


The nose is very inviting. Nutty, leathery and big (massive) on sweet vanilla.

The palate has notes of wood, spices and tobacco. Like a cedarwood cigar humidor.  It feels very clean and fresh and is very well balanced, leaving the mouth feeling like its been coated in vanilla infused butter.

There is a very slight dryness on the finish with elements of tea and again a light woodiness and / or nuttiness.

Perhaps it’s not quite as deep or complex as some whiskies I have tried, but on the other hand it’s certainly smoother and more drinkable than some other whiskies I have tried.

I must admit I didn’t know what to expect when trying this. Perhaps my judgement has been tainted by the massive clamouring for this particular bottle. I can quite honestly say that I really did enjoy this and that it was great fun to try something different.

I cant really compare it to anything else, as I just don’t have the knowledge or experience of this style of whiskey. What I can say is that I very much enjoyed it and its certainly opened my eyes to bourbon in general.

You should probably check out other, more knowledgable, bourbon reviewers thoughts on this one rather than buying a bottle on my recommendation alone.

Please do get in touch if there are any particular Bourbons you can recommend that I try after this one.

Thanks again to Buffalo Trace UK for the sample.



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  1. […] This is only the fourth boubon I have ever tried, two of which were Eagle Rares (reviewed here)  […]

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