Desert Island Drams – A ‘his and hers’ special, with the Whisky Spellers.

WhiskySpeller is a husband and wife joint project and is all about Thomas and Ansgar Speller sharing their passion for traveling, good spirits, food and company

Reviews, tasting notes, distillery visits, interviews, events, master classes, travels, they write about them all.

By telling their stories, both separately and together, through their blogs and social media they share their passion and experiences.

Ansgar’s choice:

I would pick a Bruichladdich dram due to tropical island feel that I can find many times in their drams.

A laddie for me it is. But also would not hesitate to grab a bottle of Laphroaig.

Thomas’ choice:

Although Bruichladdich is a favourite as a distillery and their people, I might want to bring a Clynelish with me.

The standard 14 y.o or the Distillers Edition would be a fine choice to enjoy in the shade of a coconut tree.

If the island would be somewhat colder in climate, my first whisky-love would be an even better choice: the Ardbeg Uigeadail.

Combined as WhiskySpeller however we would choose anything from Balvenie.

Please visit the Spellers website for further information and to share in their whisky passion.

You can follow the Spellers joint account on Twitter, Thomas can be found here and Ansgar here.

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