Desert Island Drams – Andrew from

Andrew is a mancunian lawyer living in Madrid who enjoys a glass or two of sherry. He has been drinking for a long time but only recently started the sherry blog He, as a sherry expert, has chosen a bottle of Whisky as well as a bottle of Sherry.

The whisky would be the Solera Reserve by Glenfiddich.

My Grandad always drank Glenfiddich and enjoyed a slightly sweeter style, and Speyside also brings to mind some good friends who for my own 21st got me a 21 year old Speyside malt which, while a much dryer, more mineral whisky than the solera, will live long in my memory. 

More to the point, the whisky itself is a cracker. I tell myself I am partial to minerals but in practice this slightly sweet, citrus and honeyed little beauty is one I run out of frequently (can’t find any now – this note is from memory) and given that we are talking desert island, where I would have to space them out, I reckon a dram of this would be perfect.
But if I had to choose I would still take a bottle of sherry and, specifically, a bottle of La Panesa, the legendary fino by Emilio Hidalgo.

A salty, almond and yeast intense accompaniment to the island lifestyle, the seafood and seasalt, this miraculous wine comes from a solera where the flor survives on crumbs for year after year, steadily eating away at minute traces of sugar and glycerine and leaving behind the pure flavour of biologically aged wine. In fact a desert island would be the perfect place to drink it: there would be no one to interrupt or, even worse, share it with.

Andrews website can be found here and you can follow him on twitter here.


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