Whisky review – Aberfeldy 16 y.o

After last weeks enjoyable visit to the home of Aberfeldy whisky I thought I would have a look at the latest addition to the core range, a 16 year old matured in a combination of bourbon and sherry casks.

Aberfeldy 16 y.o, 40%abv, OB.

On the nose it is sweet with honey, toffee, orange, mild oak and an unmistakable sherry hint.

The palate is smooth, honeyed and almost buttery. Light hints of raisins, tea and cloves are present, underneath the classic Aberfeldy notes of honey, orange and a slight vanilla oakiness.

The finish is again, sweet and smooth but quite short. Leaves a oaky and spicy (cloves) finish.

This is a very pleasant dram and quite drinkable. I found my sample seemed to evaporate surprisingly quickly. Essentially it is a slightly more refined version of the 12 y.o and a slightly cheaper version of the 21 y.o  It is definitely the missing piece in a range that jumps from £35 to £120.

At the time of writing I am not sure how much this will retail for however judging by the price of the Aberfeldy 12 and the Aberfeldy 21 I am assuming it will be sitting somewhere in the £50 to £60 range.

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  1. […] almost tighter and sweeter than the standard Aberfeldy 16, the cask finish is quite evident in its delivery on the nose but more so on the […]

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