A little bit of sample slaying…

I have accumulated a bit of a sample backlog so I thought it was high time to start getting some extra reviews done and create a little space.

Monkey Shoulder 40% abv (available here)


A very pleasant nose. Butterscotch, milkybars, limoncello fudge and a slight citrus hint. The palate is smooth and buttery, hints of coconut, vanilla apricots and milk chocolate. The finish is quite short but is it smooth, pleasant and almost buttery.

Dewars 12 40% abv (available here)

The nose is sweet with a floral and honeyed feeling (which no doubt come from its Aberfeldy element) Hints of nuts and malt lingers.

The palate seems a little thin. Its pretty much exactly what you would expect from the nose. The honey notes are, again, present alongside shortbread and caramel.

The finish is short/medium with a slight savoury tang and some mild woodiness at the very end.

Dewars Signature 40% abv (available here)

Time for a ‘premium’ blend. The nose is sweet with beeswax, tropical fruits, tobacco, malt, raisins and a slight smoky brine tang.  The palate is honeyed, rich, very smooth and balanced.

Elements of salted caramel, brown sugar, biscuit, tea and brine all combine.  The finish is perhaps a little short for such a well flavoured palate. The flavours shift from sweet to savoury leaving faint smoke and light cedar wood.


Massively impressed with the Monkey Shoulder, its definitely a good session dram and excellent value at around £24 a bottle.

The Dewars 12 just felt a little thin when compared to the Monkey Shoulder.

The Dewars signature is very well crafted and has some decent complexity. You could definitely spend some time with this one.

Is it worth £220?

Personally I’d probably rather buy 9 bottles of Monkey Shoulder…




One comment

  1. Monkey Shoulder all the way!!! I recently gifted my last bottle… Gotta get me some more as it is a fabulous well priced ‘daily’ dram. 🙂

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