Last month I was contacted by Johannes, who runs the whiskystats.net website.

In early 2015 I started wondering how the value of the whisky bottles in my shelf changed in time. While there are hundreds of blogs who write about the taste of whisky, I found only few resources which (if at all) cover the technical analysis of historic prices. My first thought was that this is due to a lack of transparency in the global whisky market. To my surprise, most of the online auctioneers publish their historic auction results, there is just nobody who really cares about.

So I started collecting this information. While I have to admit that mapping two or more auction results with different descriptions to the same bottle is tricky, it soon became clear that the collected data would provide some interesting insights. It then dawned on me that maybe other people are interested in these insights too, so I decided to start writing about my results.

I have just signed up to the website and I am in the process of adding all the bottles in my collection which the website will track and value automatically, telling me the current value of the collection as a whole, as well as the price history of each and every bottle.
It is a remarkably interesting project and I am proud to be recommended on the website as a trusted source of knowledge.

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