Glenmorangie Private Edition VII – Milsean

This is a bonus review today as I wasn’t expecting a delivery and was pleasantly surprised to receive this last week.

This release is the 7th in The Glenmorangie ‘Private Edition’ range.  Milsean is Gaelic for sweet or sweet things (it can also be translated as meaning a Flatterer (or to Flatter))  and it certainly lives up to its name.

Initially matured in ex-bourbon casks before being transferred into heavily charred Portuguese red wine casks there certainly is a very sweet flavour to this dram. I would say that this was perhaps the sweetest whisky I have tried so far.

Glenmorangie Milsean, OB, 46% (available for pre-order here)


The nose, unsurprisingly, is sweet. Light marzipan, honey, candied lemon peels, coconut and a hint of light oak and a fruity undertone.

On the palate its much as you would imagine. Powdered sugar, marshmallows, sherbert lemons, vanilla, perhaps a hint of orange, and toffee bon-bons.

The finish is still sweet and only now comes through the vanilla and light spice from the bourbon casks.

This is perhaps the closest a whisky will be to a ‘Desert Whisky’ and certainly will appeal to those with a taste on the sweeter side.  Certainly worth looking out for and trying, even if just for the curiosity factor.



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