A Burns Night selection of Burns Malts

Its probably not escaped your attention that it is Burns Night tonight and every whisky company is vying for your attention as the “burns night dram”

I thought is was as good an excuse as any to try several of the privately bottled range of Burns Malts from TheWhiskyBarrel.co.uk

MacDuff 25 year old, Burns Malts IB, 55.4%, Cask #1271


The nose is floral with elements of gooseberries, peach, white grape and papaya. There is a strong undertone of sweet green wood and cereal notes.

The palate is smooth but not as wide as I expected however very pleasant nonetheless. Red fruits, melon and faint cloves combine with hints of savoury toffee.

The finish starts sweet but fades to leave a drying spice and a faint oakiness.

Aultmore 25 year old, Burns Malts IB, 57.8%, Cask #3214

The nose is rich and dark. Stewed fruits and raisins steeped in earl grey tea along with muscovado sugar, maple syrup mixed with pepper and charred vanilla spice.

The palate is like being trapped inside the cigar humidor of Ron Burgandy. Rich leather, cedar wood and tobacco overlay buttered croissants and an almost bourbon like vanilla element.

Smooth vanilla overlays drying tannins and warm spices on the finish.  Long, smooth, very flavoursome and a stunning dram.

Port Charlotte 12 year old, Burns Malts IB, 56.2% Cask #671 


Believe it or not but this is my first experience of a Port Charlotte. Big nose here, Phenolic, ashy and briney. There is also a touch of rubber, citrus pepper as well as a hint of mushroom and damp leaves.

The palate open with some distant bonfire, ash and sweet smoke. Fading to sea spray and a faint mineral note

There is a pleasant lingering finish typical of Islays. Lingering smoke and white ash. Then the brine kicks in, mouth watering yet restrained.

Thanks to the thoroughly nice chaps at The Whisky Barrel for the samples, a pleasure to try some fantastic private bottlings.

One comment

  1. Cracking drams and that Port Charlotte sounds like something similar that I tried (also a 12 year old Port Charlotte which was bottled independently by WhiskyBroker for one of the retailers in Singapore)!

    The Aultmore sounds amazing as well btw, was it a sherry cask by any chance?



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