Desert Island Drams – Sara Malm

This weeks Desert Island Dram nomination comes from Sara Malm.

Sara is a foreign news reporter, but writes about spirits and cocktails whenever she has the chance.

Before she became a journalist Sara worked as a cocktail waitress in London, mainly at Lab and Graphic in Soho, which is where she learned to drink good gin and better whisky.

Sara also very briefly dipped her toe into events but she is now full time at MailOnline and does a bit of fitness brand ambassadoring on the side when shes not face-deep in cocktails and bacon (her words, not mine)

For my Desert Island Dram I would choose Ardbeg Uigeadail.

Why: Uigeadail and I go way back, it was not the first peaty dram I had, but it was the one that made me truly fall in love with Islay whisky.
I had pondered nominating the Lagavulin 1991 Triple Matured (Feis Ile 2015), BUT that’s the whisky you have a passionate, earth rumbling love affair with…

Now Uigeadail, that’s a whisky you wife for life.

You can follow Sara on both Instagram and Twitter



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