Angels Nectar Blended Malts

I am always keen to try new blends as I feel they are dismissed all too easily and all too often by some whisky drinkers.  When offered the chance to try two new blends from Angels Nectar it would have been rude to refuse…

Angels Nectar Blended Malt – First Edition, IB, 40% abv (available here)

On the nose there are notes of green fruits, apricots, bananas, some cereal notes and a hint of green wood.

The palate is slightly biscuity with pineapple and shortbread with vanilla, spices and a somewhat perfumy note.

On the finish its dry and warming with hints of spice and a return to the green wood.

Angels Nectar Blended Malt – Rich Peat Edition, IB, 46% abv, (available here)

The nose has subtle sweet smoke with apple and gooseberry hints mixed with a slightly earthy note.

The palate is much bigger and diverse than the nose suggests.  The smoke fades to leave elements of sweet ash and burnt sugar. This fades to leave a slightly meaty, glazed smoked ham feeling. Perhaps there is a slight mineral element at the end somewhere too.

The finish is pleasant and drying, very much continuing where the palate left off, with the slight addition of a brine note at the tail end.

Out of the two I prefer the Rich Peat as it seems to be less ‘Green’ and has a surprisingly delightful palate. I’m also happy to see that it has been bottled at 46% rather than reduced further, which has been a recent and unfortunate trend. Who wants a muted, watered down Islay? Well played.



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