Desert Island Drams – Stewart Dunsmuir – Tour guide at Arran Distillery 


This weeks nomination for a Desert Island Dram comes from Stewart Dunsmuir who is one of the tour guides at Arran Distillery.

I’ve been a tour guide now for almost three years and I’ve loved every minute of it. Before I was touring I managed a hotel, sitting behind a computer screen thinking that I knew about whisky (but to be honest I never knew a thing)

Jump forward three years & it’s now a huge part of my life.

I try to bring a fun element into my tours and I hope my enthusiasm comes across (even if I do go off on mad tangents sometimes or try to turn it into a stand-up routine)

For my Desert Island Dram I’m going to select a whisky for me that brings back such good memories.

It was the 2nd cask selected by a member of our visitor centre staff for a special series.

‘The Dragon’s Dram’ was a sherry hogshead, 15yr old, 53.8% and was selected by my friend Kate Hartley. This bottle just takes me back to one of the funniest nights I’ve had in my 9yrs on this beautiful island.

Information on the distillery as well as their excellent visitor centre can be found here.

Thanks to staff at the Distillery for digging out a bottle from the stock room and sending me a picture.

You can find and follow Stewart on twitter here

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