Desert Island Drams – Jerry George

Jerry writes about whisk(e)y in his online Whisky Notebook which, in his own words “is just a log of my musings and thoughts during my journey of getting in the know about whisky!  Okay, whiskey!  Well, no matter how you spell it, drink it, or look at it, it is a wonderful liquid.  As I travel through the myriad of whiskies out there, I invite you to join me in this journey as I attempt to get in the know about this lovely elixir, known as the water of life


When The Amateur Drammer asked me what dram I would want if I were to be stuck on a desert island. It left me in a conundrum as to what I would choose.

My first thought was Bruichladdich’s The Laddie Ten. I loved that whisky and was very sad when the bottle was over. But I started thinking… does it have to be a single malt? What would I really enjoy?

I then thought of Johnnie Walker’s Black Label. This was an easy go to of mine for many years. But then, I thought again (The Amateur Drammer had me thinking, thinking hard) … on a desert island… did I really want a Black Label? Of course, I would, but then, I thought of something else.

I would have the basic Crown Royal!


Now people who know me would find this very strange… saying it is cheap, not complex, not this, and not that. Yes, people will say it’s not sophisticated. And yes people will say, “Why would you want to be stuck with Crown Royal?” (I would ask in return, “Why would I want to be stuck on a desert island?”) But, Crown is what I drank when I discovered the water of life. When I started drinking Crown Royal, it was very popular in Texas (I have no idea why), where I grew up. A sip of Crown takes me to place when I was younger- every time! Even now, Crown reminds me of my good times in college. And as someone once said, whisky is a simple drink, had by simple people. There’s nothing pretentious or sophisticated about whisky and neither is it with Crown Royal.

Crown would be bright and refreshing. It would be a perfect pick me up on a desert island. Though there may not be ice on the island, I’m sure I could mix in coconut water, or the juice of any fruit from the desert island and make another drink with Crown. I would probably use it to marinate and flavor various foods I would prepare on the island as well.

Crown won’t have me thinking of what notes, flavors, and whatever else is in it. It will have me thinking of good times before and good times yet to come. Crown Royal will give me a reason to find a way to leave the desert island and discover newer, exciting drams once again… like always.

Jerry’s online whisky notebook can be found here and you can also follow him on Twitter and Facebook

Authors note: This article was first written during September 2015, many months before the Jim Murray Crown Royal ‘Whisky of the Year’ Fiasco. I would like to point out that this was Jerrys choice a long time before this was announced and was no way influenced by some twat in a hat external influence.


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