Speymalt – Gordon &MacPhail

A funny thing happens when you start writing about whisky. All of a sudden people you are drinking with become very interested in what is in your glass or even in your hipflask.

Personally, rather than becoming irritated by this, I find it a great way to start conversation and more importantly a way to get people into drinking and trying new whiskies.

Recently I was lucky enough to spend a couple of days with my family and their colleagues on Cawdor Estate to celebrate the last days of the shooting season.

Hipflasks were sure to be passed around and I though this was the ideal opportunity to finish off the last of one of the bottles that I had been saving up for just such an occasion.

Speymalt, (Macallan Distillery) 9y.o, IB, Gordon & MacPhail, 43%abv (available here)


The nose is initially quite sweet. Vanilla notes alongside honey, floral undertones and figs. A faint woodiness rounds it off.  The palate has a fantastic fudge note. Sweet with a very slight milk chocolate influence. after some time muscavado sugar, faint ginger and some tea tannins emerge. The finish is quite light, the sweet dessert like quality turning very pleasantly to spices, especially nutmeg, and the faintest hint of oak.  Gordon & MacPhail tell us that ‘The Wood Makes The Whisky’ In this case it most certainly has.

I bought this bottle from Logie Whisky and at the time of writing they have 4 bottles left in stock. For under £35 a bottle you will be struggling to find a better dram.








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