Kilchoman Machir Bay

This was one of the whiskies I tried as part of my Drinks By The Dram Advent Calendar.

I’d never really tried a Kilchoman before and it jumped out at me as one of the surprises of the whole month.

Kilchoman Machir Bay, NAS, 46%abv, OB (Available here)


On the nose there are elements of smouldering damp leaves, peat, mushrooms, ash, and citrus notes.

The palate is initially peaty and smoky. These soon fade to leave white ash, earth and an element of rubbery rasins.

The finish is a good ying and yang of smoke and sweetness. Burnt candy floss and white ash. It leaves a light dryness and pepperiness as it develops and fades.

A very pleasant and enjoyable dram, simple and complex. Will be looking to review and experience more Kilchoman soon.

One comment

  1. Ahhh Kilchoman, such a good distillery!

    Which vintage of Machir Bay was this btw mate? And if you see the Cask Strength version of it anywhere (be it bar or bottle shop), defs buy it!



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