A Single Cask Glendronach

This particular expression was bottled to celebrate 50 years of The Green Welly and I was fortunate enough to get a sample last time I visited.

This particular bottling was distilled in November 2003 and bottled in 2015. Matured exclusively in a PX sherry puncheon. It was taken from cask 4102 and is bottle number 88/697.

Glendronach 12 y.o single cask, OB, 55.2%, bottle number 88/697  

The nose is deep and very rich as you would expect from such a cask. Dark fruits, figs, tobacco and vanilla are rolled together in a leathery aroma with the faintest bitter chocolate hint.

The palate is very deep. Vanilla, raisins, cigar humidors, chocolate, Christmas spices and a deep tannic and leather note appear before waves of brown muscovado sugar and a pleasant chocolate orange note.

On the finish the vanilla comes right back. It is long, smooth and buttery with a mild spice. Almost like drinking a hot cross bun full of sweet raisins.

This is a fantastic sherry casked whisky and really feels much less spicy that the 55.2% abv would suggest. Very smooth, tasty and far to easily drunk. I found my sample disappeared frighteningly quickly.

This bottle is available exclusively here at what I would say is a VERY reasonable price considering the pedigree and the quality of this expression.

Thanks again to The Green Welly for the sample.



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