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Desert Island Drams – Daniel Milne from Whisky Hammer

Daniel is co-founder of Whisky Hammer a new online whisky auction site.  He was born and raised on the doorstep of the Speyside region, and having developed a keen interest in whisky from a young age, Daniel and his brother Craig (also a Whisky Hammer founder) found a real enthusiasm to collect rare whiskies. Neither […]

Heelslaying – A guest post from Whisky Unplugged

Whisky Unplugged takes over at with a look at Heelslaying.

Johnnie Walker Explorers Club – The Spice Road

I’m not really a fan of Johnnie Walker.  I’ve always found it rather characterless. Not to say it’s not smooth and well blended, I can appreciate it in that way.  Maybe its smoothness and inoffensive nature is its character, but safe to say I’ve never really been a big fan. Its very much like a […]

Desert Island Drams – Steve Prentice from Somerset Whisky Blog

I’ve been talking drams with Steve via Twitter for some time now and I finally cornered him into a Desert Island Dram nomination.  A genuine whisky gentleman and all round good egg. Steve didn’t get into whisky until 2009 when he was in Scotland for his Honeymoon and stumbled across the Fiddlers Whisky Bar in Drumnadrochit, […]

A Trio of Single Cask Wemyss Malts

A look at 3 distillery exclusive single cask releases from Wemyss Malts.

An exclusive look at Spey Cask 27. 

I was once given advice to ‘never turn down an invitation’ You never really know where it might take you. In this case it had taken me to Glasgow and inside Bar 29 Private Members Club for an exclusive tasting of a new single cask release from the folks at the Spey Distillery.    Last night […]

Quick notes on a Mackmyra…

Some quick notes on a rather citrusy and fresh Swedish whisky.