Desert Island Drams – Raj Sabharwal

After 25 years in the corporate world Raj decided to get rid of the chains and follow his passions. He started importing Single Malt Whisky into the US in 2010.

 I was born in England of Indian parents and grew up in Canada. Growing up we tended to have blends at home, my Father liked Chivas and Johnnie Walker Black.

I recall being in my mid 20s and at friends house, someone 20+ years older, being offered a Laphroiag. Wow, I was amazed, how did whisky get this flavor, I was intrigued and wanted to know more. Before that I thought Glenfiddich was as good as it got.

I continue to learn and teach, I believe shared knowledge (and shared whisky) is powerful.

Amrut was the first brand I imported and was a bit of a gamble, although I believed in the brand and thought the malts were excellent I was not sure how they would be received.  Today I import Single Malt’s from around the world, Australia, Canada, England, India.

Having to choose just one Island Dram is difficult, as every whisky is unique. Being a fan of Cask Strength I would want to have my own cask of either Sullivans Cove Double Cask or Amrut Portonova.

  Not only would the cask keep me company, but if I found a way to distill on the island I would have my cask ready for aging the spirit in.

You can find Raj on Twitter here.

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