Desert Island Drams – Jo Lawson

Jo is a wife and mother to one husband and one teenage boy. She works as the part time manager of her village shop.

Her whisky journey began about two and a half years ago, when Jo became one of the founder members of Stroud Whisky Club.

I really like Islay whiskies, especially Laphroaig, but really enjoy taking part in club nights, tweet tastings and swaps with #whiskyfabric friends, in order to broaden my whisky horizons. I also like photography and take quite a lot of pictures at our club nights, many of which you can see at

I don’t have a blog of my own, but I’ve recently done guest posts for both @Whiskylassie and @MaltKlaus.

My Desert Island dram would be Kilchoman Original Cask Strength. Why? Because I really like it and because of the memories it evokes for me.

Memories of a wonderful day spent with the lovely Crystal Coverdale, on Islay, during Feis Ile 2015. A day that started with a tour round the Port Ellen Maltings and finished up with a walk on the beach at Machir Bay, via Sanaigmore Bay and the Kilchoman distillery open day, where I bought the bottle I currently have. 

A day full of fun, laughter and friendship. Just the kind of day one could sit on a desert island, sipping a dram and remember!

Jo can be found on Twitter here.

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