Desert Island Drams – Steve Prentice from Somerset Whisky Blog

I’ve been talking drams with Steve via Twitter for some time now and I finally cornered him into a Desert Island Dram nomination. 

A genuine whisky gentleman and all round good egg.

Steve didn’t get into whisky until 2009 when he was in Scotland for his Honeymoon and stumbled across the Fiddlers Whisky Bar in Drumnadrochit, Loch Ness.


I was taken through a flight of whisky which included a Bunnahabhain 12 and an Ardmore Traditional Cask, and I’ve never looked back since!

Since then, being an “IT guy” I’ve always been involved in the scene on Twitter, and blogging my experiences via my website which has lead me to go back to Scotland at least twice a year every year since 2009… so far I’ve visited nearly 60 distilleries in pursuit of geeky facts and figures which make it all the more interesting for me; it’s always great to meet up with fellow whisky friends.

So, as for my Desert Island Dram… what a hard choice when I don’t have a massive affiliation with any one brand.  I like lots of whisky styles depending on the mood and surrounding. One of my favourites is a good Lagavulin, so my first thought was to take a bottle of that with me.

However, all that said, I’m going to go for the romantic idea of a desert island having long barney warm days and relaxing nights (we’ll skip past the potential no food, no water, no fresh clothes and bugs galore).

With that in mind, a really peaty dram might just not fit the bill. So I’m going to go for one that I’ve been recently drinking and enjoying…

Tomatin Decades


It’s got those older Tomatin citrus and tropical bourbon tones which I love, and which I think would work well on a desert island… and for which I don’t think I’ll ever get bored.

Added on top of that there’s just a smidge of peaty whisky in it, so there’s just enough smoke to still keep me happy with the memory or a damp cold rainy Scotland.

Steves website is and you can find him on Twitter @steveprentice

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