Desert Island Drams – Daniel Milne from Whisky Hammer

Daniel is co-founder of Whisky Hammer a new online whisky auction site.  He was born and raised on the doorstep of the Speyside region, and having developed a keen interest in whisky from a young age, Daniel and his brother Craig (also a Whisky Hammer founder) found a real enthusiasm to collect rare whiskies.

Neither of them have looked back and are both certainly very exciting about bringing Whisky Hammer to life.

My Desert Island Dram would be the Dalmore King Alexander III

Dalmore was the whisky of choice at my wedding last year – I shared a quaich with my wife and all of our guests immediately after we said our vows.

We chose the Dalmore 12 given that it is such an easy dram for everyone – even those that haven’t experienced whisky before can enjoy the notes of Christmas cake and chocolate orange!

If I was on a desert island however, I’d step up the game (just a little) to King Alexander III – it has the sentimental value from wedding day memories as well as the benefit of being matured in an array of casks, allowing my taste buds to evolve (assuming I’m on this island for a while?!) through each of the interesting flavours.

You can find Whisky Hammer at their website

They are also on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram



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