The best mixers for Single Malt Whisky

Coming soon on will be my complete and exclusive guide to selecting the best mixers to pair with a fine single malt. Some surprising results…


Ok, check the date and simmer down. 

In all seriousness however folks, its your whisky and you drink it how you like. 


  1. Utter rubbish.. 😂 I almost believed what I was reading.. Where’s the block button, although Coke does go well with ardbeg 😬

  2. Ha ha, yeah, sounds about right. Even though the time has slightly lapsed here in Aus! ;D
    Keep on waffling!!!

  3. AmateurDrammer · ·

    I think I can get away with drinking this on 1st April only…

  4. …I’m not sure how I feel about this concept.

    On a side note, my sweet toothed friend discovered a great mixer for her favourite vodka was moscato… what could possibly go wrong, right?

    Keep on waffling,

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