The Future of The Amateur Drammer 

Recently I have been devoting and spending more and more time on the blog. It is starting to take over quite a lot of my spare time which, as I work 60ish hours a week at my day job,  I don’t have a great deal of to begin with.

I really love what I do (and I hope you do too) and I do want to continue but as it stands writing 3 articles a week is taking up too much (eg nearly all) of my time so starting from this week I’ve made a few decisions about the direction and future of the website.

Firstly, I am not going anywhere, I’m simply going to attempt to write better articles but there will be fewer of them as a consequence.  I’ve made the choice to pretty much just concentrate on reviews and tasting notes. Back to basics.

I’ve never really been one to report news as such but there are so many great sources of news out there (check out my links to other recommended sites) I am sure you will still manage to be well informed without me.

Desert Island Drams has become so much a major part of what I do and will of course continue but from now it will run fortnightly rather than weekly.

The time I have freed up by doing this will allow me to write better quality articles and more in depth reviews. In the 11 months or so since I started the blog I have posted just over 200 articles so I’m just going to start blogging at a slightly more leisurely pace…

Thank you all for your continued support, it genuinely means the world to me.




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